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Every bottle of craft beer made in Hong Kong reflects our pride and confidence in Hong Kong’s ingredients and brewing techniques. It is also our way to create new and unique beer by combining notable ingredients from Hong Kong. Our mission is simple, to create new style of beer to introduce to the world what Hong Kong is all about. 


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When craft beer meets Hong Kong culture

“It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur in Hong Kong. Hong Kongers are stubborn, we insist on creating new businesses to showcase things that we are proud of in Hong Kong to the world.”

Beer brewing has over one hundred years in history. Beer tastes bitter when it first enters the mouth and followed through with a bittersweet finish. It is just like life, you need to experience hardship before your hard work starts to pay off. It reminds us that we need to do our best in everything we do in order to get the reward at the end.

Craft Brew started in 2015, carried that hard-working spirit, already helped many started their craft beer dream in Hong Kong, reflecting the spirit of Hong Kong.

Beer is just like music, it is an art that at the end tells our story and memory. And every time you drink that beer, it will remind you and those whom you drink with of that story you want to tell.

Our Story

Crew Brew History

At Craft Brew, no artificial ingredients were used in every brew we helped create.

And we do not just add anything on top of the yellow color malt to create any beer.

We make sure unique natural ingredients are used to create the beer that reflects your story. This is the sternness, passion and points of view of Hong Kong people.



We sourced brewing equipment from all over the world. Teaming up with young Hong Kong people with the same goal and passion, through hard work, we established our very own brewery in Hong Kong.


Best Upcoming Brewery Award

We kept working at it, creating new flavours and brewing techniques along the way. We created over 20 different flavours of craft beer and received worldwide recognition.


Opened Overseas Market

We used different brewing techniques and ingredients to create over 40 different kinds of craft beer, sold at restaurants, bars, retail chains and even in other countries.


Brew Your Own Beer Project

We helped others to create their own dreams of having their very own craft beers / brands. With us, it is no longer impossible to start your own craft beer journey.


Success stories

We offer flexible production quantity to tailor to your needs, creating endless opportunities. We believe we can help you create a craft beer that reflects your memorable story.


We Create the beer you own. 


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