Craft beer for corporate events & special occasions 

Business Gift

Run a Special Occasion With Your Unique Craft Beer

Elevate Brand Image

Put your logo onto a special product such as your very own craft beer, elevate your brand image. 

Customized Gifts

Make your own craft beer and send it to you important customers as corporate gifts, further elevating your brand image.

Special Corporate Events

Whether it is for company events or just put it in your office pantry for your employees to enjoy, it can help build employee loyalty.

100% Locally-brewed Craft Beer

Make your own Beer


You could make your own beer to serve as a corporate beer at the event. It can be a very good way to build stronger relationships with your customers, and also to communicate your brand image to the public.

This can also be used to build stronger loyalty amongst your employees, by having your employees enjoy them on special occasions.

Make Your Signature Beer Taste

As a corporation, you can have your very own craft beer to elevate your brand image by using it as corporate gifts for your customers.

At Craft Brew, we will help you realize that goal by brewing your very own beer for you without the use of any artificial addictive. And further, incorporate the essence of Hong Kong by adding ingredients indigenous to Hong Kong.

The Craft Beer Ordering Process 

Make a beer with us #easy

We tailor-make your very own craft beer for your company events, adding more color to your events.

All the malts and hops used in our brewing process are of German and American origins.

Day 1

Select our package option you want

Day 4

Taste test and choose the right beer for your program

Day 7

Fine-tuning the flavor of the beer of your choice

day 9

Tell designers the ideal beer label style and direction

day 24

Fine tuned beer tasting for you

day 30

Entering the formal production process

day 60

A beer created for you is now available

Over 20 years of local craft beer expertise

Brew with you to make a craft beer that represents your company

About Us

Annual dinner or reception celebration need a new idea?

We offer a variety of local craft beer combinations, with more than ten different styles and flavors.

Create your own beer with your own label, not only as a gift for your customers, but also for your colleagues to enjoy after work.

Need a creative gifts to customers?

We create our own craft beer labels/flavors/brands and give our customers a small, unique token of appreciation with their name on it.

Not only to strengthen the existing market position, but also to open up a new market.

Company gift with custom craft beer

How craft Brew help you business?

Craft Beer Event Order

Order several local craft beer brands at your annual dinner to make it more unique, instead of drinking the same beer  with our gift box set, it can be a special raffle gift.

  • Local Craft Beer to Your Bar & Restaurant with Delivery



Production of Custom Craft Beer Label

Create your own beer label for your business event or even create a new beer for your business, this not only to strengthen the corporate image and retain the hearts of customers.

  • Print and Own Your Craft Beer Label
  • Print Your Customers Craft Beer Label
  • Create Your Own Beer Flavor

Corporate Gift & Event Orders

Creating special labeled beers for your restaurant, bar, private club anniversary, or as an iconic memento also strengthens your corporate image.

  • Print Your Customers on Label
  • Print Your Own Craft Beer Label For Guests
  • Special Event Order as Gifts
  • Create Your Own Beer Flavor

Create Own Craft Beer Brand

In addition to printing your own brand label to enhance your corporate image, you can also brew your own unique beer to match the taste of restaurant food, or to match your market positioning and needs, our professional brewers can provide you with professional brewing recipes.

  • Create Your Own Beer Flavor & Label

Custom Craft Beer Package

Bulk Order Craft Beer Delivery 

We offer a variety of local craft beer combinations with more than ten different styles and flavors.

$3580(120 Bottles)

Production of Custom Craft Beer Label

Create your own labeled craft beer for your company. Elevate your brand has never become so easy.

$7880(240 bottles)

Corporate Gift & Event Orders

Give your customers a unique gift with their name on the craft beer. Make a gift that they will remember it.

$8880(240 Bottles)

Create Your Craft Beer Brand

Customized labels/flavors to strengthen the existing market position but also open up new markets.

$28800(960 bottles)

Custom Craft Beer FAQ

For corporate gifts, work parties, cocktail parties, private parties, etc., we can customize the beer labels, and gift boxes to put your thoughts into practice at every corner.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on Whatsapp.

1. How long can craft beer be stored?

It can be stored at a constant temperature of about 12 to 17 degrees Celsius for six months to a year or more.

2. How do I print each guest's name on the beer label?

The name of the guest will be printed by laser printing technology.

3. How long does it take to make your own unique beer?

We will first understand the customer’s preference of beer style, then we will make two samples for the customer, and then we can fine-tune the beer after the trial, and then we will produce the beer officially.

4. Can I find my own designer to design the beer label?

We will provide you with the size of the wine label and the necessary notes, but the design must be completed within seven days.



We offer flexible production quantity to tailor to your needs, creating endless opportunities. We believe we can help you create a craft beer that reflects your memorable story.


Phone Number

Whatsapp: (+852) 5307 8876



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