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Our mission is to help others make their craft beer dream come true by making what is previously cost inhibitive to become affordable to do—making what is previously impossible to do possible.



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Design your own craft beer

Have you ever thought about creating your own beer to celebrate important days such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, birth of your child, and even just Christmas?

Or creating a beer as a gift to your love ones? This can be a great idea to bring to reality to show how much your love ones really mean to you.

100% Local Hong Kong Brewery

Crew Brew

Who says beers have only one taste?

Beer actually has a long history in our society, from its invention in Europe few hundred years ago to today’s leading and flourishing North American market. There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of varieties in beer; and more are being created every day.

At Craft Brew, we have a highly experienced team that have rich knowledge of the different types of beer, combined that with our well verse understandings of the local ingredients, we can help you come up with a beer that stands for you.

You can now have your very own unique beer!

With our help, you can now have your very own unique beer! Be it as a gift for your love ones, or to celebrate an important day in your life, or to create business opportunities by having your very own branded beer, we are here to help you realize your dream. You are no longer inhibited by the demand of large production quantity and high costs, you can now have your own beer at an affordable quantity and price!


Tell your story through craft beer

Whether it is for business or for yourself

Hong Kong Craft Beer

Just like music, beer is also an art that reflects and reminds you of your own memories and experiences. 

Holistic Craft Beer wholesale & Distribution Solution

We are one of Hong Kong’s leading craft beer team, not only do we have wholesale and distribution channels in Hong Kong and Macau, but we also have retail capability of a wide range of popular locally produced and branded Hong Kong craft beers. 

Production of Your Very Own Craft Beer Label

Regardless of what occasion it is for—a gift for your loved ones, a corporate gift, or a private label for retail, we can help you produce it.

From identifying the style of craft beer to the taste and aroma, designing the label itself, to the production of the quantity that you can handle, we can be your one-stop-shop for craft beer production.

You can place your order online now with us here.

Collaboration with Various Local Craft beer Labels

If you are interested in starting your own craft beer brand to tell your story and become part of this exciting craft beer industry, we can help you.

Craft Brew is committed to the creation of 100% locally produced craft beer, whether it is through own innovation or even collaboration with other local craft beer brands. 

OEM Craft Beer & Label Design

Who says all the beers taste the same? Through the combined use of different types of malts, hops, and other local ingredients, we can create unique tasting craft beer that yields unique drinking experiences.

Not only that, it can come in different formats, whether it is bottle, can or keg.

100% Hong Kong Craft Beer brewery

Make your own beer

Hotels / Restaurants / Bar Craft Beer

If you are a hotel/restaurant/bar operator, you can create your own craft beer label to strengthen your brand, increase customer loyalty, and in turn elevate sales and profitability.

  • Hotels/Restaurants/Bar Craft Beer Order
  • Print and Own Your Craft Beer Label
  • Print Your Customers Craft Beer Label
  • Create Your Own Beer Flavour 


Custom Craft Beer For Your Wedding

Wedding is a once in a lifetime special memorable day, and it deserves a beer that is unique, a taste and aroma that reflects your love story.

Just how special it would be for every guest in your wedding to have your craft beer with your very own label!

  • Craft Beer Delivery to Your Weeding
  • Print Your Own Craft Beer Lable For Guests
  • Create Your Own Beer Flavour 

Start Your Craft Beer Business

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, take the risk, and create your own craft beer label! The craft beer industry is very welcoming to new comers!


  • Print and Own Your Craft Beer Label
  • Print Your Customers Craft Beer Label
  • Create Your Own Beer Flavour and Brand

Craft Beer as Corporate Gift for Your Customers

It can go a long way in creating positive impressions for your most valuable customers if you give them your very own craft beer label as gifts. Since we are 100% Hong Kong local craft beer, it will add that much more local flavors to your company’s image.

  • Corporate Event Craft Beer Delivery
  • Print and Own Your Craft Beer Label
  • Print Your Customers Craft Beer Label
  • Create Your Own Beer Flavour


Own Your Hong Kong Craft Beer 

We provide a range of other, more tailormade services. Most of these services are developed in conjunction with our clients to meet their specific needs.

Online Pricing Update and Expert Service

We provide tailor-made quantities and pricing to your specific needs.

Quick Turnaround

We provide you with quick turnaround production with our tight relationships with different breweries in Hong Kong.

Clear Pricing Scheme

You do not need to wait for our answers, we provide transparent pricing for every types of services on the website. 

Safety Guaranteed

We only work with breweries with government certified safety record, ensuring the craft beer produced is 100% safe for consumption

Made in Hong Kong

The beer is brewed 100% in Hong Kong using local ingredients.

Tailor Made Craft Beer

To satisfy your specific needs, whether it is for corporate gifts, birthday celebration, or wedding celebration, we tailor make the beer for you.

Free Delivery

We provide free delivery locally in Hong Kong

Collaboration with other craft breweries

With our relationships with other local craft breweries, we can help you create collaboration with many of them. The possibilities are endless.

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We offer flexible production quantity to tailor to your needs, creating endless opportunities. We believe we can help you create a craft beer that reflects your memorable story.


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