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Craft beer for restaurants and bars in Hong Kong

Craft beer has been a hot trend of recent years, with many variants coming out in the market. Get yours now today!

Taste the Local Beer

Craft beer for Hotels and Private Venues

Different from commercial beers, craft beers have the advantage of not using any artificial ingredients. Coupled with the increasing sophistication of beer drinkers in Hong Kong, it is the best time to come out with your own craft beer.

Best Hong Kong Craft Beer

Holistic range of craft beers

Through the years operating in Hong Kong, we, at Craft Brew, has build up a strong network of craft beer partners where we distribute many of the local craft beer brands.

There is no need to look everywhere for partners, we provide you with a time and cost efficient one stop shop service.

Our Local Brewing Experts

Years of experience brewing beer will work with you to come up with a beer that represents your company.

Who We Are

Increasing Notoriety of Restaurants & Bars

We help you come up with a craft beer of your own to go along with other beer selections you have at your restaurants and bars.

We can custom design a label for your beer as well, to further enhance the image of your restaurants and bars.

Build Your Very own Craft Beer Brand

Take on your entrepreneurship spirit and start your very own craft beer label. We will help you come up with your very own craft beer taste, aroma, brand and label at a time and cost efficient manner.

Build Your Brand

Creating your Beer Process

We provide you with a one-stop shop service, from building your craft beer recipe, to brewing your craft beer, to bottling, to designing and printing your craft beer label.

Whether you are looking to start your own craft beer business, or just adding your own craft beer to your restaurants and bars, we are at your service.

As long as you have a plan, we can help your realize it, it is as easy as that.

Day 1

Choose the plan that suits you

Day 3

Choose the beer that you like

Day 7

Communicate with our designer

Day 15

Beer brewing, label printing

Day 40

Bottling and distribution

Craft Beer Wholesales & Distribution

Your bar & restaurant can introduce different local Hong Kong craft beer brands to let your customers choose from.

  • Local Craft Beer to Your Bar & Restaurant with Delivery
  • Setup Craft Beer Tap at Bar & Restaurant
  • Provide Craft Beer for Private Events

Production of Custom Craft Beer Label

You can also create your own brand for your own stores, restaurants, bars, private clubs, not only to strengthen the corporate image and retain the hearts of customers.

  • Print and Own Your Craft Beer Label
  • Print Your Customers Craft Beer Label
  • Create Your Own Beer Flavour

Corporate Gift & Event Orders

Creating special labeled beers for your restaurant, bar, private club anniversary, or as an iconic memento also strengthens your corporate image.


  • Print Your Customers on Label
  • Print Your Own Craft Beer Lable For Guests
  • Special Event Order as Gifts
  • Create Your Own Beer Flavor

Create Own Craft Beer Brand

In addition to printing your own brand label to enhance your corporate image, you can also brew your own unique beer to match the taste of restaurant food, or to match your market positioning and needs, our professional brewers can provide you with professional brewing recipes.

  • Create Your Own Beer Flavor & Label

Custom Craft Beer Prices

Craft Beer Wholesales & Distribution

We offer a variety of local craft beers for your one-stop ordering service.

$5280(240 bottles)

Production of Custom Craft Beer Label

Create your own labeled craft beer for your company.

$14400(600 bottles)

Corporate Gift & Event Orders

For the important anniversary of the store, to impress customers.


Create Your Craft Beer Brand

Own your taste and style to match the food at restaurants.




We offer flexible production quantity to tailor to your needs, creating endless opportunities. We believe we can help you create a craft beer that reflects your memorable story.



Bar Restaurants and Private Clubs
Custom Craft Beer Questions

How long does it usually take to print my company's name on the wine label?

Pick your favorite flavor from our selection of styles for you and have your own label beer ready in 30 days.

How long can craft beer be stored?

It can be stored at a constant temperature of about 12 to 17 degrees Celsius for six months to a year or more.

If I don't have any idea of beer taste, how many beers are there to choose from?

We always have more than 10 beers to choose from, and once we know what our customers want, we will offer at least 4 beers for tasting.

Can the same label have different flavors?

This is not recommended, as it can lead to drinkers thinking that the beer was bottled incorrectly.

How long does it take to make your own unique beer?

We will first understand the customer’s preference of beer style, then we will make two samples for the customer, and then we can fine-tune the beer after the trial, and then we will produce the beer officially. It would take probably 60 days.

Can I find my own designer to design the wine label?

We will provide you with the size of the wine label and the necessary notes, but the design must be completed within seven days.

How long does it usually take to design a craft beer label?

According to your requirements, the designer will create a thoughtful design for you, which can usually be completed in one round trip, and the whole process will take seven days.

Are all fees included in the package?

The package includes the cost of the entire production process, excluding delivery and storage after the production is completed.

Can you make a draft beer for my bar?

Please contact us for details.

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