Craft Beer with Guest’s Name

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Make your wedding memorable with your very own craft beer 

An innovative gift for your wedding guests


New idea for wedding

wedding gift with craft beer

Wedding day is of course a special and happy day, but make it even more special with your very own craft beer.

We can help you put your wedding onto the beer label, and create your very own craft beer taste to demonstrate your love story. Your wedding guests will feel the love and joy that day brings that much more.

Memorable Gifts for Wedding Guests 

MAke your Wedding beer process

At Craft Brew, we work with many of the different local craft breweries to create your craft beer for your wedding. We do not use any artificial ingredients in our brewing process. We only use natural malt and hops, and fruit juices if needed to add extra flavors.

Staying natural is what we insist on at Craft Brew.


Choose your plan


Choose the taste you want, prepare for production


Communicate with our designer and get your love story printed onto the label


Label Printing


Bottling and labeling.


 Delivery to your wedding venue before the day of your choosing


Brew with you to make a craft beer that represents your company


Wedding Guest Gifts Idea

Ever wonder what a beautiful memory it is to have every guest who comes to congratulate you holding a beer with your wedding anniversary label as a gift in return?

Make a Wedding Beer of Your Own

Make your own craft beer label/flavor/brand and send your customers a small, unique token of appreciation with their name on it.

Production of Custom Craft Beer Label

Every guest who comes to the wedding ceremony can receive a commemorative beer with your wedding design, printed with your wedding photo, or you can paint a piece of your love on the label, so it will definitely be a memorable wedding.

  • Wedding Reception
  • Wedding Ceremony

Printing of Guest Name Labels

Each guest at the wedding ceremony will receive a commemorative beer with your wedding design and your name on it, which is sure to delight every guest and will be unique and unforgettable.

  • Guest gifts
  • Infant Hundredth Day Party
  • Birthday Party

Create Own Craft Beer Label & Flavor

If you want your wedding beer to be unique, we can print your designed label and brew the taste you want. When every guest coming to the wedding ceremony can receive a beer with your unique love story on it, how sweet and heartwarming it is.

  • Wedding Reception
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Wedding Gift Favor
  • Wedding Gifts for Guests
  • Infant Hundred Day Banquet
  • Private Party

Custom Wedding Craft Beer Package

Designing Craft Beer Labels


  1. Beer Label Design
  2. Beer Label Printing
  3. Beautiful Packaging
  4. Choose from more than 10 beer flavors
  5. Delivery to the designated location

$7880(240 Bottles)

Exclusive Craft Beer


  1. Beer flavor blending
    2. Label design and printing
    3. Beautiful packaging
    4. Delivery to designated location


Printed Guest Name


  1. Beer label design
    2. Printing of each guest’s name on the label
    3. Beautiful packaging
    4. Choose one of more than ten beer flavors
    5. Delivery to the designated location

$8880(240 Bottles)

Craft Beer for Wedding Q&A

For wedding receptions, corporate gifts, work parties, cocktail parties, private parties, etc., we can customize the beer, beer labels, and gift boxes to put your heart in every corner.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on whatsapp.

How long does it usually take to design a beer label?

According to your requirements, the designer will create a thoughtful design for you, which can usually be completed in one return trip, and the whole process will take seven days if necessary.

How long can craft beer be stored?

It can be stored at a constant temperature of about 12 to 17 degrees Celsius for six months to a year or more.

How do I print each guest's name on the beer label?

The name of the guest beer is printed by laser printing technology.

How long does it take to make your own unique beer?

We will first understand the customer’s preference of beer style, then we will make two samples for the customer, and then we can fine-tune the beer after the trial, and then we will produce the beer officially.



We offer flexible production quantity to tailor to your needs, creating endless opportunities. We believe we can help you create a craft beer that reflects your memorable story. 

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